Alex de la Iglesia with his Team at Pokeepsiefilms directing & producing new work for HBO.

Poster for new campaign by Y-Media & 37Films for 1906 beer.

Production company: 37Films, Photography & Retouching: Oliver Haupt / the unknown artist studio. Poster for new campaign by the Madrid agency Y-Media for 1906 beer.

The year 2018 was phantastic for exploring new paths.

So many projects done so many on their way. Would be great to have some more hours a day. Maybe this is the wish for 2019. Let the days have something like 38 hours.

Why did we come up with the name: the unknown artist studio?

Commercial image making means a collaboration of many individuals. Working together as a team, the creatives, the account person, the client, the production team, the models and the photographer. They all have their respective influence on the final result. This is good and productive and I found it would be fair enough to sign the pictures with a name that considers them all: the unknown artist. As reference to this idea the logo of the unknown artist studio is a mix of many faces. The nose of the account executive, the ears of the creative director, the hair of the producer, the mouth of a client, the shoulders of an art director, the eyebrows of a product manager’s husband and Oliver’s eyes.

The advertising magazine ADWEEK also commented on this idea: https//

For the 5th consecutive edition of Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers my work gets selected.

My images for WEOUTDOOR premium cycling apparel wins the Gold Medal at 2018 PX3 Photography Prize in Paris.

Shooting in the street.

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