Our preferred company vehicle … or what is the secret behind authentic and real photography?

22. September 2019 Allgemein
Awarded advertising concept pictures shot by Oliver Haupt.

We prefer the bike to move around in the city for meetings and for organizing our shoots. It means less crowded city centers, less stress, less pollution and by the way better cost control. We want to reduce the negative impact on the world of what we do to a minimum. Our aim is to do our job in harmony and treat everyone and the ambient with respect. We do this because we like being nice. And this is maybe the secret behind Oliver’s authentic and real photography.

We would never make suffer anyone in a shoot or do harm to an animal. We always find solutions that in the end everyone walks away happy and content. And this is what you feel and see in Oliver’s images. They are very authentic and real. And this is because of his nice and relaxed way to work with his team together. So everyone relaxes, feels good and wants and can give the best and all things come perfectly together. And as a result we get authentic and real photography.

Oliver hates exploitation of human, animals and nature for personal vanity. And there is absolutely no excuse for injustice, spitefulness, greed or resentment. All these characteristics are poison for society and the world. And they are poison for a shoot. That is why Oliver cares so much about the ambient on his shoots. The recipe is good teamwork. It is nice to be nice.

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