How to make people from a street casting acting authentic like a real Amazon indian tribe?

23. September 2019 Allgemein
Oliver directs the models from a street casting to show an acting that is  authentic, real and natural. Oliver Haupt is a people, lifestyle, kids photographer specialized in directing people.

For this international campaign for Cacique Ron we made men from street casting acting authentic and natural in a set up world of real Amazonian Indians. We got some references of the tribes which the agency wanted to see. First of all we tailored the clothes and produced all the accessories and headdresses. And we did a street casting to get the right people.

All our models had the physical constitution for the role. But they had no camera- or acting-experience and were rather shy men. But the budget was limited and it was better fun like this.

First of all we did not tell them what exactly will happen before we had them all together in the studio. Secondly we created an ambient of friendship and confidence, further we had the shoot extremely well prepared that it all went super smooth. And then we worked all together on the images. No one looked on the time and no one left early. The session converted in a nice moment all wanted to share until the end. And as a result we had our men from the street casting acting authentic and real.

Agency: The Farm. Client: Diageo, Chief Creative Officer: Jose María Pujol, Head of Art: Fernando Riveros Butorovic & Iván Merlo, Art Director: Marta Herradura & Fernando Hernán. Production: the unknown artist studio.

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