A portrait people lifestyle photographer for advertising.

The awarded portrait people photographer Oliver Haupt has a serious advertising agency background. Therefore Oliver knows very well to handle intense and complicated situations and how to work with individuals. He is able to adapt to any circumstances and as a result this makes his sessions always successful. He is aware of all the effort and work that is behind creating a new campaign and this on the client’s side and on the agency’s side. Above all he always gets the best results and delivers lots of extra material. Certainly this helps to clarify conceptual doubts or just leads to a generous selection of images for giving the campaign many possibilities for the different media and formats.

Of course this includes a wide experience with all sort of technical equipment. Oliver is happy to shoot natural, on location available light situations as well he is comfortable to illuminate in his cinematographic style an indoor or outdoor ambient or to work in the studio and shooting elements for a composed image. Oliver is not only a awarded portrait people photographer but also a very experienced retoucher and he can do in his studio all sort of retouching and composing. Several times he got selected for the Lürzers Archive 200 Best Digital Artists.

A portrait people lifestyle photographer for editorial.

Since many years Oliver is also working for editorials. Including El Pais Semanal, H Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Stern, Gesund Leben. He likes a lot these shoots and he won with these publications national and international awards. His style adopts like in advertising to the different themes. His creative background and his knowledge about illumination together with his graphic style make him an excellent storyteller.

Before becoming an awarded portrait people photographer Oliver Haupt worked as an agency creative. For example in Hamburg, London and Madrid. Most importantly this was a great experience and a great school for all what came later. In addition he got early in contact with big brands and clients that were really demanding and had a very high standard. Clients like Mercedes, Telekom, Unilever, Holsten, The Conservatives, Elida Gibbs, Unicef, Fortuna, BBVA,…


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Portraits for El País Semanal Coverstory: “The wizards of immortality”.

Imagery for WEOUTDOOR premium cycling apparel from Barcelona.

Portrait people advertising editorial photography by Oliver Haupt. An overview to download for your archive. Just click on the image below. Thanks a lot!

portrait people advertising editorial photographer Oliver Haupt  phortography

Jero Garcia’s Boxing School “La Escuela del Boxeo” for H MAGAZINE.

Portraits of the actors of Alex de la Iglesia’s film: “Witching & Bitching”.

Poster for film “Witching & Bitching” by Alex de la Iglesia. You may also want to check here other group shoots.

Campaign for Chillout Fashion Shop.



Los Heroes del Mal. A film by Zoe Berriatúa produced by Alex de la Iglesia.

Photos for the Film: Las Muserañas

El País. Little heros of the Laboratory.

The forgotten victims for the Sunday Times Magazine.

When the thalidomide scandal erupted in 1961, the drug was soon banned. But, yet, pregnant women in Spain continued taking it until the 1980s — and moreover the authorities refuse to accept responsibility.


Fanta Loop

Portrait people lifestyle photographer Oliver Haupt for advertising - editorial has a serious agency amd editorial background and this makes his sessions always successful.
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