Kids lifestyle people photographer Oliver Haupt is known for authentic pictures. His shoots natural, intense and real images, somehow special and very authentic. His style is fresh sensitive engaging warm-hearted and just somehow different. Maybe it is the nice and relaxed way directing people that makes the difference to any other kids lifestyle people photographer. Oliver’s images sum up the essence of the moment. In other words, his photographs let you experience the moments again.

Above all Oliver is passionate about working as a kids lifestyle people photographer and that is obvious when you see him working. From the first moment everyone on the set feels comfortable. As a result things seem to happen by themselves and in the end the client has a very complete set of images that is on brief and make the campaign work.

He has worked for many well known agencies and brands on the marked. Above all his client list includes clients like: Unicef, Mercedes, Reebok, Nike, Vodafone, Abbott, Bayer, Unilever, Elida Gibbs, Holsten, Telekom, Telefonica, Mustang, BBVA, Altadis, Linea Directa,… He worked on permanent position in Hamburg, London and Madrid in agencies like Springer & Jacoby, SPLintas, Publicis Casadevall Pedreño y PRG. Consequently Oliver is familiar with the strategic thinking of clients and agencies and he is very happy to work even on complicated tricky briefings.

Above all he is a kids people lifestyle photographer clients and the agencies call again for the next campaign. Certainly on a shoot with Oliver Haupt all goes perfectly smooth and the result is always really successful.

Sister & Brother wearing cloth from the Fara Charity Shop, London.


Wild Thing for H MAGAZINE.

El País. The end of silence.


Kids wearing shoe fashion by Fara Charity shops.



Urban Kids wearing Fara Charity Shop Fashion.

Lake 2

Urban Angel

Oliver Haupt is a kids lifestyle people photographer for authentic pictures. He shoots natural, intense and real images somehow special appealing and authentic.

High Noon


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