Portrait, celebrity shots and Headshots

29. September 2019 Allgemein
Awarded portrait people photographer Oliver Haupt for ads and editorial

Lifestyle photography is a mixture of authentic and staged interaction. Oliver Haupt knows how to interact with talent and amateur models in the same way. This ability helps to bring out the most authentic emotion and actions possible. His images can tell real stories and let the one in front the screen or the poster be part of an authentic moment. His photos look very much like stills from films and this makes them very appealing and alive.

Photography of objects stills bottles food – get the must have picture first and in the same shoot some extra shots…

23. September 2019 Allgemein
Commercial advertising people photographer award winner Oliver Haupt

Oliver is happy to shoot many different subjects and styles. It is easy for him to deliver variety. And he is very good doing images of objects stills bottles food. Oliver dedicates always with the same enthusiasm to any theme and subject.

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