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Currently based in Madrid London Düsseldorf Amsterdam, Oliver is working all over Europe. Above all he is shooting photography of people, lifestyle, sports, kids, advertising, editorial, stills, object, life and personal projects. Over all he is very flexible with traveling and adopting to new situations and people. Oliver is likewise fine working together with national or foreign production companies or producing with his own team.

He loves his work and is passionate about it from the first meeting until the final retouching. He is fine working in Madrid London Düsseldorf Amsterdam or elsewhere. Oliver Haupt prefers to do his own postproduction. This gives him best control about the image and the whole production. It helps him to manage the budget for getting the best results. His retouching work has been selected many times by Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Digital Artists. But importantly his photography is part of all Lürzer’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide editions since he started as a Photographer with his studio.

Oliver Haupt is lucky because he counts many loyal clients. All who worked with him were happy with his work and walked away with a strong execution more in their book.


Madrid: +34 659 602 313
London: +44 7492 732332
Düsseldorf: +49 152 214 752 47


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