Fine Art photographer photography by Oliver Haupt – when the purpose is the image and nothing else.

1. November 2019 Allgemein
fine art photographer photography Oliver Haupt shoots beuatiful images forl brands galleries collectors.

Fine Art photographer photography Oliver Haupt – the wish to create is the drive behind all what Oliver is doing. It is a ‘must do’ for him. So besides the commercial work for advertising, brands and editorials, Oliver spends time on his personal projects. And this is where things come to life that have no room in the daily commercial work. There is no need to fulfill the long list of wishes of the briefing. And that helps to give room for what is very important in photography: the coincidence. Above all photography often means being there and giving room for things to happen or to give your input to make them happen, but always in a way that you don’t overwhelm the situation.

A picture is like a delicate vegetable that sprouts. You need to care for it and to do the right actions to make it become a beautiful plant.

artistic photographer personal project award winner Oliver Haupt Photography is continously creating surprising  inspiration for commercial projects.

Knowing about this makes Oliver’s commercial work outstanding. His commercial images are full of inspiration. And that is to say they have the magic you miss in general advertising photography. The musts of the briefing are respected. But however the image is alive and has this magic that makes the difference. It is the cropping, the moment, the expression the composition, the choice of location, styling or models and mostly the mix of these ingredients that give the relaxed charm and perfect imperfection. Fine Art photographer photography Oliver Haupt has been successful on many national and international award festivals.

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