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Portraits for El País Semanal Coverstory: “The wizards of immortality”.

Imagery for WEOUTDOOR premium cycling apparel from Barcelona.

Jero Garcia’s Boxing School “La Escuela del Boxeo” for H MAGAZINE.

Portraits of the actors of Alex de la Iglesia’s film: “Witching & Bitching”.

Poster for film “Witching & Bitching” by Alex de la Iglesia.

Campaign for Chillout Fashion Shop.



Los Heroes del Mal. A film by Zoe Berriatúa produced by Alex de la Iglesia.

Photos for the Film: Las Muserañas

El País. Little heros of the Laboratory.

The forgotten victims for the Sunday Times Magazine.

When the thalidomide scandal erupted in 1961, the drug was soon banned. Yet, pregnant women in Spain continued taking it until the 1980s — and the authorities refuse to accept responsibility.


Fanta Loop

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