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People photography groups photographer Oliver Haupt creates authentic life with amateur models and professional actors.

29. October 2019 Allgemein
people photographer authentic photography Oliver Haupt shoots on brief real, authentic images, photos, video and content.

Oliver haupt has a serious past in advertising agencies like SP Lintas, Springer & Jacoby, Publicis Casadevall Pedreño & PRG and many others . This trained him in focusing on the important message and to work under complicated, tense conditions. He also learned to get very good results with tight budget. Oliver Haupt is fine to work with authentic professional actors and models but he is also happy to work with amateur models from a street casting.

Photography of objects stills bottles food – get the must have picture first and in the same shoot some extra shots…

23. September 2019 Allgemein
Commercial advertising people photographer award winner Oliver Haupt

Oliver is happy to shoot many different subjects and styles. It is easy for him to deliver variety. And he is very good doing images of objects stills bottles food. Oliver dedicates always with the same enthusiasm to any theme and subject.

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