Photography of objects stills bottles food – get the must have picture first and in the same shoot some extra shots…

23. September 2019 Allgemein
Commercial advertising people photographer award winner Oliver Haupt
Portrait people lifestyle still object stillife photographer Oliver Haupt - His talent directing people is maybe the secret behind his exceptional authentic engaging photography. His talent and making objects alive in his shots make his stills special.

Like said before, Oliver is happy to shoot many different subjects and styles. It is easy for him to deliver variety. And he is very good doing images of objects stills bottles food. Oliver dedicates always with the same enthusiasm to any theme and subject.

All is life all is great to explore and all is just great to take pictures. So there will always be nice surprises when you let Oliver shoot a new subject. Maybe it is even a nice concept for a brief to ask for surprising you.

But first of all we do the must have pictures. And then lets see together what can be done. Oliver is very strong in delivering this variety. He examines the product until it confess. This is true for objects stills bottles food and any object- With his light and camera he recreates the product and shoots many versions. And in the end the happy client walks away with a set of images that could be result of 3 shoot days with different photographers.

Smooth workflow and very good preparation gives time and space for this.

Sadly, often agency creatives and editors have to select pictures from image banks. Because no one wants to take the risk that the client does not like the result in the end. Sure, very understandable. Especially understandable because many shoots have become outrageous expensive and you have to nail everything down before. If you have some extra ideas during the shoot the production will ask for extra money. This has also led to the actual situation that many clients don’t want to spend money on shooting. It is risky and maybe in the end you get aware that the initial idea of execution isn’t working properly.

Oliver has a background of many years in decent advertising agencies in Germany, UK and Spain and he survived many difficult situations. He always new how far to go and before exploring new routes covering himself with the must have imagery. Thanks to his smooth workflow and very good preparation there is no problem to squeeze all this in one shoot. And like mentioned before, you definitely will get great stuff. And this makes you look good in the eyes of the conservative clients as well as in the eyes of the eccentric agency leader.

This is to invite clients, creatives, agencies, editors to create without risk and to make happen their ideas.

I am talking about all this to invite the agencies, creatives, clients to think big and not to let pass the chance to get more for your budget than normal. We will tailer a shoot to your needs and can deliver great stuff. And we won’t let you down. When you are not sure in the shoot we will work it out together.

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