Fine Art photographer photography by Oliver Haupt – when the purpose is the image and nothing else.

1. November 2019 Allgemein
fine art photographer photography Oliver Haupt shoots beuatiful images forl brands galleries collectors.

Fine Art photographer photography by Oliver Haupt – when the purpose is the image and nothing else. There is no need to fulfill the long list of wishes of the briefing. And that helps to give room for what is very important in photography: the coincidence. Photography often means being there and giving room for things to happen or to give your input to make them happen, but always in a way that you don’t overwhelm the situation.

People photography groups photographer Oliver Haupt creates authentic life with amateur models and professional actors.

29. October 2019 Allgemein
people photographer authentic photography Oliver Haupt shoots on brief real, authentic images, photos, video and content.

Oliver haupt has a serious past in advertising agencies like SP Lintas, Springer & Jacoby, Publicis Casadevall Pedreño & PRG and many others . This trained him in focusing on the important message and to work under complicated, tense conditions. He also learned to get very good results with tight budget. Oliver Haupt is fine to work with authentic professional actors and models but he is also happy to work with amateur models from a street casting.

Portrait, celebrity shots and Headshots

29. September 2019 Allgemein
Awarded portrait people photographer Oliver Haupt for ads and editorial

Lifestyle photography is a mixture of authentic and staged interaction. Oliver Haupt knows how to interact with talent and amateur models in the same way. This ability helps to bring out the most authentic emotion and actions possible. His images can tell real stories and let the one in front the screen or the poster be part of an authentic moment. His photos look very much like stills from films and this makes them very appealing and alive.

Photography of objects stills bottles food – get the must have picture first and in the same shoot some extra shots…

23. September 2019 Allgemein
Commercial advertising people photographer award winner Oliver Haupt

Oliver is happy to shoot many different subjects and styles. It is easy for him to deliver variety. And he is very good doing images of objects stills bottles food. Oliver dedicates always with the same enthusiasm to any theme and subject.

How to make people from a street casting acting authentic like a real Amazon indian tribe?

23. September 2019 Allgemein

For this international campaign for Cacique Ron we made men from street casting acting authentic and natural in a set up world of real Amazonian Indians. We got some references of the tribes which the agency wanted to see. First of all we tailored the clothes and produced all the accessories and headdresses. And we did a street casting to get the right people. All our models had the physical constitution for the role. But they had no camera- or acting-experience andRead More


22. September 2019 Allgemein
Awarded advertising concept pictures shot by Oliver Haupt.

Above all commercial image making means a collaboration of many individuals. Working together as team, the creatives, the account person, the client, the production team, the models and the photographer. They all have their respective influence on the final result and this is good and productive. And in conclusion I found it would be fair enough to sign the pictures with a name that considers them all: the unknown artist.

Our preferred company vehicle … or what is the secret behind authentic and real photography?

22. September 2019 Allgemein
Awarded advertising concept pictures shot by Oliver Haupt.

Oliver hates exploitation of human, animals and nature for personal vanity. And there is absolutely no excuse for injustice, spitefulness, greed or resentment. All these characteristics are poison for society and the world. And they are poison for a shoot. That is why Oliver cares so much about the ambient on his shoots. The recipe is good teamwork.

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