A credible authentic advertising production or hOW TO get PEOPLE FROM A STREET CASTING to act with the authenticity of a real AMAZON TRIBE?

25. February 2020 Allgemein
Oliver Haupt is an awarded people lifestyle sports kids object movingimage transport photographer with his own credible authentic advertising production.


A credible authentic advertising production.

The agency ordered a credible authentic advertising production for the new international campaign for Cacique Ron. The images had to be shot in a studio in Madrid near the base of the Cacique Spain headquarter and the agency location. We got some references of the tribes which the agency wanted to see. First of all we tailored the clothes and produced all the accessories and headdresses. Secondly we decorated various sets in the studio and in parallel we did a street casting to get the right people.

All our models looked real and had the physical constitution for the role. But they had no camera or acting experience at all and were rather shy men. But Oliver somehow managed that the men from the street casting felt immediately comfortable and confident. Therefore their acting was incredible authentic and natural.

All went super smooth …

We had the shoot extremely well prepared that it all went super smooth. Everyone was having fun. And nobody looked at the watch and no one left early. The session turned into a small party and all wanted to share this until the end. And we did many splendid shots the agency and the client were super happy. So the “street” actors and their families were very pleased and proud to see themselves a few weeks later on billboards all over the country and even abroad. And most importantly the money they earned was enough to buy a banana plantation in their home country. And all as a result of our credible authentic advertising production.

We are happy to work with the production our client has chosen but in this sort of case, when things get more complicated because of budget and timing it results to be the best to produce on our own. For better control and quicker communication.

Agency: The Farm. Client: Diageo, Chief Creative Officer: Jose María Pujol, Head of Art: Fernando Riveros Butorovic & Iván Merlo, Art Director: Marta Herradura & Fernando Hernán. Production: the unknown artist studio.

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